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Introducing Trabber’s Smart Fares

9 April 2024

Recently, we launched Trabber’s Smart Fares for train journeys in the Spanish market. This innovative feature has captured the interest of numerous travelers looking to save money. However, this feature to find the best fares has long been implemented in our flight search engine and it is available across all countries for flights.

What are Trabber’s Smart Fares?

Trabber’s Smart Fares is an strategy that allows users to combine one-way flights from different airlines, specially low cost, to obtain more economical fares. Instead of being limited to traditional round-trip flight options, this function leverages the best deals available on your one-way outbound and return flights separately to create personalized combinations that better suit your needs, whether by time or budget.

How do Trabber Smart Fares work?

Trabber’s Smart Fares relies on a system that analyzes, at least once day, all routes offered by our providers. Trabber’s search engine then can discover combinations beyond GDS, potentially reducing total costs and providing alternative schedules. The algorithm factors in flight availability, departure and arrival times, connections, and, naturally, price, to present a range of new options.

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