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January is the best month of the year to book flights [STUDY]

16 July 2018

We have just started a brand new year and we desire to achieve the purpose that leads our list of desires: Travelling. But, for a change, our budget is not as large as our eagerness to travel. Does the same happen to you?

If it is like that, we have good news. In Trabber we have carried out a study in which we reveal the best moment to book cheap flights and also to travel.

If we make use of the logic, we that the most expensive dates will be those that clash with vacation periods: Easter, Summer and Christmas. In other words, during the peak season. But the year is very long and it is full of good times to book flights at the best price. Do you like to know which ones they are?

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Flight offers on dynamic maps

30 September 2010

We develop this time a new feature for undecided travelers, a mashup of Google Maps and airfares deals stored in Trabber Offers, which surely will help Trabber users to decide where to travel.

From now on when you do a search in Trabber Offers without any city destination or selecting a country as the final destination, you will find now the link “Find offers in a map” on top of all airfares results that will display all airfares on a map.

The map is interactive, which basically means that when you scroll or zoom to different places, new offers will appear around the selected areas dynamically.

Take into account that the map will show only deals that fit your search criteria. For instance, if you have selected deal under $200 euros and departing of friday, just these offers will be shown.

Here are two examples:

The color code is the same that we have used for Trabber Radar and intends to indicate the quality of the offers. So, the darker the color the higher the discount compared with the mean value.

Trabber Offers launched on

25 January 2009

Another tool to travel on the cheap…

We just launched a new application (Trabber Offers) on Trabber´s Italian version. Trabber Offers helps travellers that are time or destination flexible to automatically find the cheapest airfares. Users just need to select the Departure city or route to obtain the best prices.

Best offers from Rome
Best offers from Milan to New York

How does it work?
We have implemented an algorithm that analyses all searches performed by Trabber´s users. With this information, the algorithm decides whether the price found is a “good deal” or not. This is decided using current mean airfares per route.