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Trabber Radar on all Trabber international sites

3 November 2009

We finally add to all international Trabber sites the first version of Trabber Radar. Trabber Radar is a new recommendation system that suggests flights on close dates when a lower price is detected.

This new feature is based on the lastest version of Trabber engine, capable of scanning more flight information without a performance impact.

trabber radar

The system operation is quite simple: in case Trabber Radar detects a cheaper flight on a close date than the one selected by the user, it displays a warning message showing the most conviniente date to travel. Trabber Radar also permits users to obtain a matrix with prices for other dates.

The version that we present today scans flights for a subset (16) of the total websites that Trabber uses on a regular search. However, it covers most of the major routes requested by travelers in Europe.

Trabber Radar surely will be of great value to identified the best options to travel.


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