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New discount code for Etihad Airways

7 June 2024

New discount code for travel with Etihad Airways from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Book between today, June 7th, and June 9th with Etihad Airways and use the code SUMMER24 in your reservation. This code will reduce the price of your booking by up to 20% for flights between June 10th and November 30th of this year.

Remember, there are many more discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals on the results pages of Trabber’s vertical search engines. We hope they help you plan your vacation!

What is the best airline for traveling with your pet?

26 May 2024

Traveling with your dog or cat is a unique experience that can enrich your journeys in many ways. Fortunately, more and more airlines are offering policies and services that make traveling with pets easier and more comfortable.

Each airline has its own policies regarding pet transportation, including whether pets are allowed in the cabin or the cargo hold, weight and size limits, and any required documentation. It’s important to review and understand these policies before making your travel plans to avoid any surprises.

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Exploring New York: 7 free things to do in the Big Apple

20 May 2024

We love sharing ways for you to travel at the best price. This includes budget-friendly flights, accommodation, and car rentals, along with fun activities to help you discover your destination, ensuring your budget remains intact.

While New York City might seem like a pricey destination, we’re here to debunk that myth. Once you arrive, you’ll find countless opportunities to experience the Big Apple without emptying your wallet. From free attractions to budget-friendly activities, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy NYC on a budget. So, why wait? Find the perfect flight and hotel deal with us, and start planning your budget-friendly trip to the city that never sleeps. Take a look at these 7 free things to do in New York:

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What is the difference between a hotel, a hostel, and a B&B?

11 May 2024

Navigating the realm of accommodations can be a bit like deciphering a language with its own set of terms. Understanding the nuances between the various types of establishments can save you from unexpected surprises, particularly when it comes to factors like pricing and comfort.

The objective of this post is that, when you are looking for a place to stay, doubts such as: what difference exists between a hotel and a hostel? If I have a tight budget, is it better to stay in a hostel or a B&B?


A hotel is an establishment designed to comfortably accommodate travelers and usually meals, entertainment, and various personal services for the public

There are several categories to classify the type of hotel according to the degree of comfort and services it offers to its guests: luxury or basic. Perhaps the best-known system is the star system. There is also the classification method by diamonds and by letters.

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Champions League 2024: Reaching the Final in London

7 May 2024

As the Champions League reaches its climactic stages, football fans around the globe are gearing up for the ultimate showdown at Wembley Stadium in London on the 1st of June—the venue for the 2024 final. The semifinal matches saw Bayern Munich and Real Madrid tying 2-2, while Borussia Dortmund secured a 1-0 victory over PSG. With these thrilling outcomes, supporters are eagerly plotting their journeys to the English capital. However, with excitement soaring, so too are the prices for travel and accommodations.

Real Madrid: From the Spanish Capital to London’s Wembley

With Madrid being well-connected by air, fans can explore various flight options from Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport to London airports. prices for direct flights are around €500. However, by using combinations with layovers, options can be found for about €250

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What are the benefits of creating a Trabber account?

1 May 2024

Registering with Trabber enhances your travel search experience. While you can use Trabber without registering, doing so gives you access to additional features and functionalities that can make planning and booking your trips more efficient and convenient. Here’s why it’s a good idea to register with Trabber:

1. Shared trip organization with your friends. Trabber offers the ability to organize your trips not only for yourself but also for others. With this feature, you can invite friends, family and colleagues to collaborate on planning and booking a group trip. You can easily share flights, hotels, and activity options with them, facilitating joint decision-making and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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9 tips to score an upgrade to Business Class

25 March 2024

Receiving an upgrade to business class ranks among the top perks for frequent flyers. Business class offers wider seats, improved legroom, complimentary drinks, premium food selections, and additional luxurious amenities such as lie-flat seats during international flights. If you plan your trip in advance and understand how airline booking systems work, your chances of getting a free upgrade to Business Class increase significantly – meaning the airline changes your Economy ticket to Business without any additional expense on your part.

Although different rules and criteria exist within each company, we offer you 9 of the most useful tips:

1. Join loyalty programs

Firstly, if you wish to have the option to travel in Business class instead of Economy (without paying for it), it’s essential to be a member of the airline’s frequent flyer program that you’re flying with. Therefore, if you’re flying with a company for which you don’t have the ‘points card,’ it’s necessary to enroll in the program. The process is usually very straightforward; all airlines allow you to do it for free and instantly on their website.

2. Take care of your program level

The higher your frequent flyer level, the greater the possibilities. In situations of overbooking, as often happens in the summer, airlines start upgrading passengers from Economy to Business class starting with the highest-level loyalty program members.

3. Enter your frequent flyer number on the ticket a few days before flying

It’s crucial not to wait until reaching the airport to specify your membership in the frequent flyer program. Instead, do it at the time of purchase, ideally at least 24 hours before the flight.

4. Check-In from home

If there’s overbooking, there’s a chance for an upgrade. How to be one of the lucky ones? In addition to following the previous tips, it’s important to do the check-in from home about 24 hours in advance, which is when airlines normally allow it.

Flight personnel often know in advance which flights will be full, and that’s why they start moving passengers from one class to another before takeoff. But if the traveler hasn’t checked in, they won’t have opportunities to be upgraded, as the airline can’t be certain they will fly.

Some companies offer upgrades during online check-in for reduced prices (between 75 and 150 euros, depending on the flight duration), which can also be a good option.

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Unveiling truths: Why last-minute flight deals are a myth

20 March 2024

The origin of the myth lies in that distant cousin who managed to snag a flight for 1&. In that friend’s brother-in-law who showed up at the airport with suitcases and no idea of the destination, yet managed to secure a flight for that very morning at half price.

To add to the confusion, numerous websites claim to offer “last-minute flights,” unrepeatable deals that you must snatch up instantly before they disappear… We usually aren’t lucky, but we trust that if we stay vigilant, someday we will find that last-minute deal of the century. Because the universe is balanced, and karma makes everything fair, so that day will come sooner or later… or won’t it?”

The truth is, according to the way airlines set the prices of their flights, the last tickets for a flight not only aren’t cheaper but are more expensive.

This phenomenon, although contrary to popular belief, has been entrenched in airlines’ commercial strategies for decades, and to understand how it works, we must turn to the concept of Yield Management.

What is Yield Management?

Essentially, yield management involves varying ticket prices over time based on sales forecasts, with the aim of maximizing profit margins.

One of the most common practices is to adjust ticket prices in real-time according to demand. Given that each flight has a limited number of seats and airlines can freely set prices, it’s logical to think that they will strive to maximize profit by gauging the limit passengers are willing to pay at any given moment.

For example, if a flight is selling well, companies will tend to raise prices because, for some reason, there is great interest in that flight. This would explain, for instance, why tickets are more expensive during holiday periods (when more people want to travel) and, conversely, cheaper during the rest of the year.

But what happens when the departure date is near?

When the departure date of the flight is imminent, it doesn’t make sense to think their goal is to get rid of the last tickets, but rather to maximize profit from users who left the booking until the last moment and who are usually willing (or have no choice) to pay whatever is asked.

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Tips for finding cheap flights in 2024

26 February 2024

Are you looking to save some serious cash on your next flight? Well, buckle up because we have some insider tips to help you find the best deals in the sky. From booking ahead to staying flexible with your travel plans, we have compiled a comprehensive list of strategies to help you navigate the world of airfare pricing like a pro. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or gearing up for your first adventure, these fourteen pointers will arm you with the knowledge and savvy to find affordable flights without sacrificing on quality. So, if you are ready to take your travel game to the next level and make those savings soar, dive into our guide and share with friends!

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January is the best month of the year to book flights [STUDY]

16 July 2018

We have just started a brand new year and we desire to achieve the purpose that leads our list of desires: Travelling. But, for a change, our budget is not as large as our eagerness to travel. Does the same happen to you?

If it is like that, we have good news. In Trabber we have carried out a study in which we reveal the best moment to book cheap flights and also to travel.

If we make use of the logic, we that the most expensive dates will be those that clash with vacation periods: Easter, Summer and Christmas. In other words, during the peak season. But the year is very long and it is full of good times to book flights at the best price. Do you like to know which ones they are?

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