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Introducing the new Trabber

2 November 2021 by Manuel
Introducing the new Trabber

We are very happy to finally share with you the new Trabber, which we have been working on for quite a few months. It has many new features, not only on the visual aspect but also new functions and tools.

Here is a list of the main improvements:

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January is the best month of the year to book flights [STUDY]

16 July 2018 by Daniel

We have just started a brand new year and we desire to achieve the purpose that leads our list of desires: Travelling. But, for a change, our budget is not as large as our eagerness to travel. Does the same happen to you?

If it is like that, we have good news. In Trabber we have carried out a study in which we reveal the best moment to book cheap flights and also to travel.

If we make use of the logic, we that the most expensive dates will be those that clash with vacation periods: Easter, Summer and Christmas. In other words, during the peak season. But the year is very long and it is full of good times to book flights at the best price. Do you like to know which ones they are?

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The 25 most friendly dog destinations in the World

12 July 2018 by Daniel

Our four-legged best friend is another member of the family and, as such, we like to share our holidays with him. Until not very long ago, it was a rather challenging task to find a hotel which accepts pets. But, luckily, tourist establishments have become aware of this necessity and, the pet traveller has a wider range of possibilities to travel with his best friend.

Curiosity to know which are the best countries to visit with your pet? Take a look to our new ranking of dog destinations.

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Meet the team at Trabber

2 September 2015 by norenes

It’s time to tell you more about us, the human beings on the other side of the searcher. The ones who wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that unsolved bug. The ones who get butterflies in their stomachs after a positive comment on Twitter.

In this post you will discover who the Trabber members are, and what functions do we perform. You will see that we are few, perhaps fewer than you imagined, but we are sufficiently committed, because thanks to our persistence and to your support, we can proudly state that we just turned out 10 years old!

Team members

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Why we show the list of the websites we crawl

28 August 2015 by norenes

If two flight search engines came and said:



… according to your opinion, which one would be better?

The natural thing would be to think that the second one, right? Because “millions” gives a greater sense of completeness that “71“.

But what would you think if we told you that most agency websites already give access to millions of flights by themselves, or what is the same, that “We search in millions of websites” could actually be synonymous with ‘We search hin one web’?

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Debunking myths: Buying flight tickets on the airline website is NOT always cheaper

19 August 2015 by norenes

debunking-mythsOne of the false “myths” we have heard more and that seems to be more consolidated between travellers is the one that says that flight tickets are cheaper when purchased on the airlines website.

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10 tips to get a free upgrade to Business Class

12 August 2015 by norenes

Contrary to popular belief, flying Business Class doesn’t have to be much more expensive than Economy Class. In fact, if you plan your trip in advance and know well how airlines’ policies work, there are odds that you get a free “upgrade” to Business, that is to say, that the airline changes your ticket from Tourist to Business without any additional expense on your part.

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New countries with multiple destinations search

12 May 2015 by norenes


Even though searches with multiple destinations are not as common as round trips, they represent the best option in many cases, especially in travels with various destinations.

In Trabber we just added the option to 14 new countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, United States, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal and South Africa.

Countries that join those that already had the function: Spain, Ireland, Italy and the UK.

If you are planning your vacation this year and want to travel several destinations, you can take the opportunity to make a multiple destinations search.

Getting close to 100 providers

19 September 2014 by Daniel

With the latest update of Trabber search engine, we are getting close to the round number of 100 providers on all our vertical search engines.

We add the following airlines websites to the Flight search engine this time:

  • Olympic Airlines. This airline was the flag carrier of Greece until 2009. The company operates services to 37 domestic destinations and to 32 destinations world-wide.
  • Evelop Airlines. This airline belongs to Barcelò Group and it is based at Palma de Mallorca airport. This year the company has transformed itself from a charter airline to a regular airline. For now it offers flights from Madrid-Barajas airport to destinations in the Caribbean.
  • Croatia Airlines. It is the national airline of Croatia. It operates from its base at the airport in Zagreb.

We also add two new providers to the Car Rental search engine on this update: GoldCar and Enterprise Rent A Car. We believe that after adding these two news providers, you will notice an improvement on many of your searches. Definitely we encourage you to try this new version!

Finally, we add to the Hotel search engine a new provider, Budgetplaces, an online consolidator specialized in budget hotels, hostels and B&B, with over 10,000 accomodations in 100 countries worldwide.

Trabber Planner supports 150 travel sites

24 July 2014 by Daniel

We continue the development of Trabber Planner, a tool that can help you organizing your trips and reservations.

This new version of Trabber Planner is capable to interpret confirmation emails from almost 150 travel sites, including all the most popular travel sites on the Internet.

Trabber Planner is really easy to use:

  1. Create the page for your trip and add your travel friends to discuss options.
  2. Save flights, hotels and rental cars that interest you, by clicking on the “save” link on Trabber search engine results.
  3. Once you book, forward the confirmation emails from online travel agencies, airlines websites, etc. to .All the data will be processed and made available for you and your travel friends.

    Note that you can use Trabber Planner even if you use other tools to search. You can also forward confirmation emails for other tourism products and they will also be attached to your trip in Trabber.

Here is the full list of travel websites that we support:

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