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Trabber Radar version two

31 March 2011

We are glad to present now the second version of Radar Trabber.

This new version is not just a complete redesign of the user interface, but also includes several improvements on the technology of the engine that allows Trabber Radar to collect more flight fares in close dates than before.

Regarding the user inteface, flights are displayed in a horizontal bar format to simplify the display of departure and arrival dates, but also to clearly show the total days of your travel. This information was not easily accessible in the previous table format.

Above of the flight bars, we have placed a set of controls to enable the selection of specific dates for your departure and arrival.

On this new user inteface, we also keep the old table version that is accessible through the link “See in a table

On the other side, the updated engine provides access to additional flight information that we were not considering before. Aditionally, we have extended Trabber Radar to new airlines and now is able to collect fares on close dates for new airlines websites such as Iberia, Air France, SAS, LOT and Air Asia.

The engine improvements also benefits the quality of the fare suggestion system that is displayed on Trabber search results.

We hope you will like this new version ;)!

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