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January is the best month of the year to book flights [STUDY]

16 July 2018

We have just started a brand new year and we desire to achieve the purpose that leads our list of desires: Travelling. But, for a change, our budget is not as large as our eagerness to travel. Does the same happen to you?

If it is like that, we have good news. In Trabber we have carried out a study in which we reveal the best moment to book cheap flights and also to travel.

If we make use of the logic, we that the most expensive dates will be those that clash with vacation periods: Easter, Summer and Christmas. In other words, during the peak season. But the year is very long and it is full of good times to book flights at the best price. Do you like to know which ones they are?

The best time of the year to book flights and to travel

New York, London, Rome or Amsterdam. Where would you like to fly? Whichever destination it is, take our study into account.

January, the best month to book flights

The best month to book your flight tickets is January. The average savings of carrying out the purchase at the start of the year are of 11.61%.

After January, the best month to book flights would be September with average savings of 9.41%, followed by February (-7.37%) and October (-5.57%).

February and March, the best months of the year to fly

The best months of the year to travel (date of the flight) are February (with average savings of 16.96%) and March (average savings of 16.43%) The next best months to carry out a trip are May (with average savings of 13.31%), April (-9.16%) and October (-9.14%).

June, the worst time to book flights

The worst month to book flights (date of flight) is June. Buying tickets during the sixth month of the year will be 10.92% more expensive for you.

After June, the worst month of the year to book flights is December with an average price increase of +9.01%, followed by May (+6.56%) and July (+6.36%).

If you pay attention, these months clash with the called “peak season”.

July, the month in which it will be more expensive for you to travel

The worst month of the year to travel (date of flight) is July because the price of a flight ticket is 29.21% more expensive.

The next worst months to carry out the trip are August (24.48% more expensive), December (+18.96%) and January* (+3.56%).

* Generally, in January it is expensive to travel during the first week because it clashes with the end of the Christmas holidays.

Plan your next break with your friends

Do you know about Trabber Planner? It is a tool to help you to prepare your trip. It is very easy to use, you only need to:

  1. Create the page of your trip. In it you will need to name your next adventure and choose your travel mates.
  2. Save the flights, hotels and rental cars that interest you.
  3. Comment the saved options through notes.
  4. Book the best options for your future trip.

Sharing is of handsome people

Share this study with your family and friends so that they also know which is the best moment to book and to fly.

Happy journey!

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