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Trabber goes international: Trabber Deutschland

1 March 2006

We have just opened Trabber Deutschland. It is a beta site for the moment, but we hope you find it useful if you are looking for cheap flights in Germany.

Trabber looks for cheap flights in online travel agencies (in Germany we started for the moment with Expedia and ebookers), lowcost carriers (Germanwings, Ryanair, etc.) and also traditional airlines (Lufthansa, Iberia, …). You can see the full list of companies.
Neither Daniel nor I speak German so, if you find Trabber useful we count on you, german-speaking bloggers around the globe, to spread the word. Thanks in advance, and also thanks a lot to Julia for the translation.

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  1. Wamzlee says:

    You know, I live in the United States, and I am looking to fly to Germany this summer and am looking for cheap tickets. Too bad trabber is German flights only haha.

    I don’t speak German either :S

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