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26 January 2009

Integrating Trabber on your site is now possible and available in 5 countries/languages. Just the following HTML code is required:


Note that the address specified for each language is slightly different:

for United Kingdom: src = ""
for Germany: src = ""
for Italy: src = ""
for France: src = ""
for United States: src = ""

Additonally, there are several parameters that can be used to change the behaviour of the Trabber Search Box:

flight_type = 1 for a oneway flights and 2 for both ways
from_city = TLC code of the origin city
from_date = departure date
to_city = TLC code of the destination city
to_date = return date
n_adults = number of adults
n_children = number of children
n_infants = number of infants
target = “_blank” to open the search results on a new browser windows
css = to specify the .css file to be used (url to be located on your server)

Here is an example of a source request where the css, departure and destination city are configured:
src = ""

All TLC codes can be found on this website –

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