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Trabber interface changes

8 April 2006

Today we have deployed a new Trabber version with several changes, mainly in the UI area. These are the most significant ones:

  • The most obvious, new colors in the results page. These are more consistent and improve readability.
  • Now one-click searches are available both for 1 and 2 days before or after the current dates. Until now you could only search for flights one day after or before the date.
  • Valid XHTML. You probably don’t care about this, but it simplifies maintenance and improves consistency and… I like standards!
  • Results sidebar (last searches and web list) now moved to the right. This improves clarity.

As usual, let me know what you think about these changes. These days I am trying to close the interface (at least for a while) so that I can focus in adding new providers to the search engine.

Trabber forum in English

6 March 2006

I have created a support/discussion forum for Trabber users. The forum is addressed mainly to German users, since this is the only country where Trabber is available besides Spain.

Trabber goes international: Trabber Deutschland

1 March 2006

We have just opened Trabber Deutschland. It is a beta site for the moment, but we hope you find it useful if you are looking for cheap flights in Germany.

Trabber looks for cheap flights in online travel agencies (in Germany we started for the moment with Expedia and ebookers), lowcost carriers (Germanwings, Ryanair, etc.) and also traditional airlines (Lufthansa, Iberia, …). You can see the full list of companies.
Neither Daniel nor I speak German so, if you find Trabber useful we count on you, german-speaking bloggers around the globe, to spread the word. Thanks in advance, and also thanks a lot to Julia for the translation.