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Stopover: Visit two places for the price of one

2 March 2024

It’s possible to visit two destinations for the price of one? the answer is yes, you read that right. And the key concept is the term Stopover. Do you know what we’re talking about?

Layovers involve staying at the airport while connecting flights. However, stopovers offer extended breaks, allowing you to explore the city for at least one day. Stopovers are layovers or intermediate stops of more than 24 hours on international flights (it can even be several days). In short, they are layovers or connections between flights that are longer than usual.

Why a stopover allows you to travel more for less money? Because you will have the option to visit the stopover city, spending a day or a few days there, and then going to your final destination without paying extra. And, in addition, you will save hours of waiting at the airport.

There are several airlines that allow you to extend your stopover without paying extra for your tickets, as they are european airlines Swiss International and TAP Portugal, among others.

How to find stopover flights on Trabber

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New countries with multiple destinations search

12 May 2015


Even though searches with multiple destinations are not as common as round trips, they represent the best option in many cases, especially in travels with various destinations.

In Trabber we just added the option to 14 new countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, United States, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal and South Africa.

Countries that join those that already had the function: Spain, Ireland, Italy and the UK.

If you are planning your vacation this year and want to travel several destinations, you can take the opportunity to make a multiple destinations search.