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Why we show the list of the websites we crawl

28 August 2015

If two flight search engines came and said:



… according to your opinion, which one would be better?

The natural thing would be to think that the second one, right? Because “millions” gives a greater sense of completeness that “71“.

But what would you think if we told you that most agency websites already give access to millions of flights by themselves, or what is the same, that “We search in millions of websites” could actually be synonymous with ‘We search hin one web’?

Don’t you find the second slogan more vague and redundant now?

The value of accuracy

In Trabber we try that our commitment to transparency is reflected in everything we do, and that’s the reason why this is the first thing we want you to see when you visit our website:


If you enter that link, you will see the updated list of airlines and travel agencies where we search at any given time.

When you’re evaluating the list of crawled websites, either on Trabber or on other metasearchers, apart from paying attention to the number of websites itself,  it is also important that these sites are properly selected.

We believe that the most important thing is to have a good base of airline websites, because this way we cover flights that may not be on the agencies websites. Besides, it may happen that a flight is cheaper if you book it directly on the website of the airline. Apart from that, we also include some web agencies to cover a wider range of prices.

Why our list changes

If you use Trabber often, you may have noticed that the number of websites we crawl changes from time to time.

This happens because we add new websites to the search engine quite often. But it also may happen that the number drops, which is related to our manual of good practices.

The cause is that the list updates itself in real time, which means that if one of the websites stops offering results temporarily (because it went offline, for example), it will no longer appear in the list. Once the problem is solved, it will come back.

To sum up

We hope to have conveyed to you our commitment to transparency, which implies the rejection of vague promises and skewed data, and the promotion of accuracy.

We also hope that our recommendations will serve to strengthen your critical spirit, and to help you to make a wiser decision the next time you’re choosing a website to book a flight or hotel.

If you want to help us getting the message to even more travellers… share this with the links below!


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