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3 new airlines in Trabber

22 February 2012

Last revision of Trabber’s flight search engine searches directly on 3 new airline websites:, and

Jetairfly is a Belgian airline with its headquarters in Ostend. Formerly known as TUI Airlines Belgium, it adopted its new name in November 2005. The airline’s home base is Brussels Airport, but flights also from Liege Airport, Ostend-Bruges International Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Air One is Alitalia’s low cost carrier subsidiary headquartered in Fiumicino, Italy. The company flights to 36 destinations in Italy, Europe and North America. Air One is an Italian airline that merged with Alitalia in 2009.

Finally, we also integrate Blue Air, a low cost airline based in Bucharest, Romania. Blue Air operates mostly out of Aurel Vlaicu International Airport. It started operations in December 2004 and it is considered one of the cheapeast airlines in Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest new airlines, hotel chains or car rental companies to be included on Trabber search engine results.

Virgin Atlantic in Trabber

13 November 2011

We include now all flight fares from Virgin Atlantic website – on Trabber flight search engine’s results.

Virgin Atlantic flights already appeared on Trabber results through the different online travel agencies where we collect fares from. However, now we add the main source of information that will surely help to perform a more fair comparision for Virgin Altantic‘s flights.

Virgin Atlantic is owned by Richard Branson’s and Singapore Airlines and operates flights between the UK and major capitals in North America, Asia and Oceania.

The airline has its main bases at Gatwick and London Heathrow airports.

Flight fares tools in Trabber

16 May 2011

In this post we summarize all flight search tools that we have developed for Trabber in addition to the Flight and Flight offers search engines.

Let’s metion firstly Trabber Radar, a system that scans flight fares close to the dates selected, to suggest users the best dates to travel. We recently launched a second version, more powerful and with an improved user interface.

Another interesting tool is Price evolution, which shows in graph how the price of a flight has changed over time. This information is useful to determine the fare trend and determine whether the rate is rising, falling or stable. You can find this information in the top right side of Trabber search engine result page.

In the Flight offers search enginee we intregrated several useful tools such as the Monthly fare chart, which presents visually the days of the month in which flying is cheaper for your route. Furthermore, for searches in which no specific destination has been selected, there is Offers in a map, which shows the best deals found by Trabber users in the last days.

We hope that these tools will help you to find the best options to travel.

Trabber Radar version two

31 March 2011

We are glad to present now the second version of Radar Trabber.

This new version is not just a complete redesign of the user interface, but also includes several improvements on the technology of the engine that allows Trabber Radar to collect more flight fares in close dates than before.

Regarding the user inteface, flights are displayed in a horizontal bar format to simplify the display of departure and arrival dates, but also to clearly show the total days of your travel. This information was not easily accessible in the previous table format.

Above of the flight bars, we have placed a set of controls to enable the selection of specific dates for your departure and arrival.

On this new user inteface, we also keep the old table version that is accessible through the link “See in a table

On the other side, the updated engine provides access to additional flight information that we were not considering before. Aditionally, we have extended Trabber Radar to new airlines and now is able to collect fares on close dates for new airlines websites such as Iberia, Air France, SAS, LOT and Air Asia.

The engine improvements also benefits the quality of the fare suggestion system that is displayed on Trabber search results.

We hope you will like this new version ;)!

Air Transat in Trabber

20 March 2011

We Include this time in Trabber search results, all flights offered by Canadian airline Air Transat directly on its website –

Air Transat, based in Montreal – Canada, serves over 60 destinations in 25 countries in America and Europe.

Air Transat is Canada’s leading holiday travel airline, carrying around 3 million passengers annually.

Trabber Cars, the new way to find car rentals

21 February 2011

Since the beginning of Trabber, our main goal has been to innovate creating tools to facilitate the preparation of your trips.

This time, we present Trabber Cars in all international versions of Trabber.

Trabber Cars is a car rental vertical search engine that allows you to easily compare prices from main industry vendors.

Trabber Cars usage is simple and similar to any other Trabber product. With just a simple search, you can get a whole range of rental cars available from suppliers. To facilitate the selection, we have added tools to allow sorting and filtering the search results.

For now, this beta version compares prices offered by 6 suppliers, among which are the major car rental companies and travel agencies.

User accounts in Trabber

24 January 2011

You can now create your own user account in Trabber.

To create your account in Trabber you need not to register, as you can identify yourself in Trabber using your Facebook, Hotmail/Live, Google or Yahoo! account. This way you can access Trabber with just one click and need not to remember new passwords.

If you have no user on any of the above services, you can still create your local Trabber account simply by entering your email address.

The main advantages of having an Trabber user account are:

  • It allows you to manage and mantain your flight alerts
  • Store your private list of flights – ‘My shortlist’
  • Access to all your previous searches

We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always, we are happy to receive your suggestions on any new improvements that we should develop to serve you better.

Air Asia in Trabber

17 December 2010

We Integrate now all flight offered by Malaysian low cost airline Air Asia offered directly from the airline website – in Trabber flight search engine.

Air Asia is among the most popular low cost airlines in Asia, delivering a highly competitive service very appreciated by travelers in the region.

AirAsia won the Skytrax World’s best low cost airline award in 2009 and 2010.

The airline operates numerous destinations in Asia and Oceania. It has also begun its international expansion operating flights from several airports in those regions connecting with Paris and London.

Do not hesitate to send us suggestions to improve Trabber search capabilities or functionalities.

XL Airways added to Trabber

14 April 2010

The latest update of Trabber flights search engine integrates all flights offered by XL Airways from the airline website –

XL Airways is a French airline based at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The airline operates scheduled flights mainly in Europe and some long-haul destinations in North America and Africa.

Despite operating in many countries, the airline’s website is only available in French and German. Therefore, from all localized versions of Trabber except German, users will be redirected to the French version of the airline website.

Trabber more social

27 February 2010

Facebook and Twitter have already become a Web phenomena. To help Trabber users to share fares through these two popular social networks with friends and colleagues, we have added links that send Trabber results to Twitter and Facebook in just one click.

The links (as icons) are located on the right side of flight and hotel result pages.

Additionally, we have added a link to easily send results by email.

We are currently working on new ideas for integrating social network functionality in Trabber. We will have news soon. Stay tuned 😉